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So, How well/cheap can you really build a RC51?

Where to begin, I first got this bike in 2013 as an unfinished project. I straight swapped him my OEM 2006 Minter (which i had also restored) for the bike with all the fancy stuff on it. I drove 4 hours in the middle of nowhere Alabama to do this in front of a Piggly Wiggly at 4am.

The owner of the modified bike had essentially lost interest and wanted a turnkey bike. His bike was running and complete minus snorkel/front bodywork. He was essentially reverse assembling new OEM parts from Partzilla (even bolts lol) so basically everything was new or VERY low mile OEM.

I parted the bike out to the bones essentially, it had a 2005 GA Salvage Title and the PO redid the powdercoat in black as well with a brush finish swingarm (sold that). I parted it out to the bone and nobody would give me a decent offer on the frame/motor because of the salvage title. It sad for 3 years in my basment essentially just a motor,frame, electronics sitting on some old tires.

It dawned on me, I have saved almost every OEM part from my 2003 RC51 which is heavily modified. Im never going to sell that bike, so instead of keeping those pieces on a shelf wrapped it its better to have a "parts bike". Something not pretty and i could ride hard and would be "The Greatest Hits" of RC51 mods learned from Rogue (LDH) and this site. It is not supposed to be fancy, every mod is what i would consider "essential, yet not overkill". I wanted to "horse trade" for as many parts as possible or use the OEM parts from the 2003. I even incorporated an old DRZ400sm Supermoto fender eliminator kit i had laying around for years.

*I left the suspension alone as im big enough to make the OEM work half way decent as is. Otherwise Mike (LDH) would have had this set as well for a 20mm kit.

I am essentially into this bike for $1000 cash, everything I had in my collection or was OEM parts for the 2003. I bought service items and consumables like chains/sprockets/tires/fluids etc. I also bought the bodywork (which i thought was pretty cool) and jank sp2 subframe for $175 shipped, and the DanMoto exhaust for $330, that was the majority of the outside purchases.

At the moment it runs a DHC Supersport tail,Tyga hugger (now sold) and Corbin seat, but those will likely go back on the pretty 2003. I have a rattle can flat black tail and OEM seat that will adorn it in its final form. I also got a shitty Pyramid composite hugger i traded for that is now on it; its got a chain guard so thats nice.

i already had the 2003 Original Honda Parts:
-brake clutch master
-a spare wiring harness
-front seat
-fairing stay
-CABIN tank
-Ignition set
-a kind of beat up black SP2 swingarm
-front/rear brake calipers
-17k dash
-shitty carbon front fender

A complete build list here:
Speedcell Legacy 5.0 Lighwieht Battery+QR Harness
Livengood Motorsports V-Twin CUSTOM DYNO TUNE
ZeroGravity TT height Windscreen (clear)
CarboneLorraine XBK5 Sintered Brake Pads (F&R), rebuilt font calipers, polished pistons
Galfer stainless hydraulic lines, bleeder master bolt
Michelin PilotPower 120/190-55
DanMoto Carbon GP Exhaust
SpeedyMoto Exhaust Hangers
DHC SuperSport tail unit
Corbin Gunfighter seat
Tygon rear brake delete
KyleUSA PAIR delete plates
KyleUSA Flapper intake delete plate
Soft-Rev Mod (11k RevMax)
NGK Iridium plugs
CBR600RR coils, modded plug tops to accept OEM plugs (have spare NGK and modded coil inserts)
Wibby SPAL Pusher Fan Brackets
5.5" SPAL Pusher Fans 2x, Engine Ice Coolant
KapscoMoto OEM mirror block-offs
KapscoMoto Magnetic oil drain plug
SpeedyMoto Bar-End Mirrors, billet
CRG bar-end mirror adapters
Gilles Tooling Shift Shaft assist
KapscoMoto Swingarm Lifters
Sato Racing Frame Sliders
HiFlo OEM type paper air filter
Vortex 50mm Clipons
Vortex QuickRelease Gas cap (yet to install)
Vortex shorty adjustable Clutch lever
Pyramid Composites Rear Hugger w/Chain guard.
Woodcraft CFM Toe/Shark Guard
StompGrip BLK tank grips/tank pad
ProGrip Gel throttle Grips
HRC 1/6th QuickTurn Thottle Tube
OEM Honda Fuel Pressure Regulator
D.I.D. ERV3 520-106 link Racing Chain
AFAM SuperLite Sprockets 15/41
DynoJet Performance PC3 USB (JR map, accel pump activated)
Sebimoto CF lightweight front fender
Extended Fuel pump line to TB
Subframe mod/integrated undertail/DRZ400sm fender eliminator
CABIN/HRC endurance livery replica tank
Track Fairings I found cheap online, with headlights and turn signals. Not pretty but cool.


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A complete build list of the bike and how it sits now. Tuned by Brian Livengood at Livengood Motorsports, easily one of the best tuners in the SE USA.

130.56 RWHP 72.91 ft/lb torque,
87 octane ethanol-free, OEM motor 12k miles full bolt ons.


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And now how it sits in its final form. Ill either ride it or sell it:kiss:


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With all those goods on there, ride it! Gotta ask, why the yellow patch? I know it's a number plate, but yellow? >:)
so i got the fairings cheap on the FB page, was cleaning them up and found the yellow number plate under a single layer of spray paint. I thought it looked ok so i left it.
The fairings are not in the best shape but they get the job done and they are different than most RC51s ive seen.
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