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Hey all,

Just looking at replacing my rear tire on the bike and curious about recommendations.

I currently have Michelin 2CTs with a high profile 180/55 on the rear, and really like the setup as it puts more rubber to the ground in hard turns.

The front still has roughly 80% or more left on it, but the rear needs replacing next season, and I'm contemplating a 190/55 for even more traction.

Anyone have experience with this size combo? I'm currently running the stock shock w/ a Kyle suspension link, but will very soon be swapping out to an Elka with ride height adjustment, and am not sure how the 55 will affect geometry.

Comments are appreciated!


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Every time I install a new tire by a different manufacturer or type, I usually measure the circumference at a set tire pressure.
Then you can calculate the difference in diameter or radius.
Some tires are taller than others, both front or rear.

So far, the tallest 190/55-17 tire I've run is the Bridgestone BT-016 at 80.25" circumference at 38 PSI.
The Pirelli Corsa III 190/55-17 was 79.5" at 40 PSI, and the Conti RaceAttack Street 190/55-17 was 80.125" at 39 PSI.

The Pirelli Corsa III 120/70-17 front was 74.25" at 36 PSI while the Conti RaceAttack Street 120/70-17 was 73.375" at 35 PSI.
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