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Well, where to start...I've just sold my '07 DR 650 and bought a '00 RC. Wow what a nice ride!!! Now, i've been on some sorta 2-wheels since I was 14 y.o. I' ve had new/used all makes an models some I loved some I didn't. Just since 2k i've had a 929 a saweet '04 R-1 and I then thought I'd like to try a dual sport...Nah! I just didn't mix well in the dirt. so theres the reason fer the RC.It's great ta be back on sumthin that makes me smile. OH! i'll be turnin 66 the end of summer...Thanx fer lisnin...Zeek
Oh! by the by...I can spell but two finger pecking is easier to Keep it simple...Catch my drift? Don't kno if'n there's any english teachers on this board...:eek:
Oh yeah! one more thing. I also have a neat ole RT1100RT-P ex-popo bike the wifey and I use fer comfy cruizin...ehh...that's it fer now folks...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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