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Transmission problem. I think.

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Noticed a wierd clacking noise when i was riding my RC the other day. put the bike up on the rear wheel stand, started it and put it into gear to let the wheel spin and the chain was bouncing all over the place, almost seemed like it was binding up or something. Replaced the chain today and the same thing is happening so i pulled of the front sprocket cover and checked in there. nothing that looks like it was binding the chain but it was bad enough that on the stand in 1st gear it would bind and stall the engine out so i took the front sprocket completely off and it was still making the clacking noise but only in gear not in neutral. sounds now like the transmission was binding? anyone have any suggestions or had this problem before? any help would be appreciated only been without my bike for a day now and im already going crazy.
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How does it shift? Does it jump out of gear or get false neutrals?
If so, you may have a bent shift fork.
If the fork is bent enough, it could have a gear pushed over far enough that the engagement dogs are brushing against each other.

Or your shift drum might not be rotating correctly, or something with the shift mechanism causing over or under shift drum rotation.
Mine does the same thing when on the stand. Its because there is no weight on the bike causing the chain to stretch so its extremely loose. If you can hear it while your riding then your chain is to loose. It needs to be adjusted and tightened. When my chain started to go bad my friends riding behind me could hear my chain slapping around. Your experiencing the same thing. The binding I don't know about. Mine does the same thing but only when its on the stand and it shifts just fine when I'm riding.
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