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Two Brother High Mount Ti Exhaust Trade

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Looking to trader a high mount Two Brothers TI exhaust system for a standard mount Two Brothers Ti System SP1. Also have a Showa rear shock NEVER EVER used, not a single travel mark on it (retail $950) best offer on the shock. 920-933-0321
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i will be willing to trade once i get the bike next week, but the only question i have is does it retain the passenger pegs with the high mounts? if not i cannot do it as my wife would be pissed!.
High Mount

Your going to lose the rear pegs with the high mount. Same situation girlfriend wants to come along but cant. Good luck
maybe i can talk her into riding the r6! then i would be set!
the OEM is worth $5

they are junk and one of the first parts to be tossed
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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