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  • 1st pop on rear valve cover
Had a quick ride, stop over to hydrate. After that I started the RC, place it in 1st gear released the clutch then I heard a puff and smoke.
None of the hoses where blocked or pinched. While I had the cover off I decided to
  • Check the valve clearances which was tight
  • Adjusted the valve clearances about 1-2mm looser
  • Replaced gaskets, O-rings that are necessary per the manual
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replaced throttle cables
  • Cleaned what needed to be cleaned
Decided to flush my coolant while waiting for parts
  • Found oil in right radiator hose to water pump
  • Replaced mechanical seal, oil seal & bearing (old one was very corroded)
  • Flushed and drained coolant twice
  • New SAMCO hoses
While putting it together I fried my PCIII USB.
1st test ride was good. The bike starts well after the valve adjustment but have some backfire because there was no PCIII.
2nd test ride was even better the backfire is almost non-existent and the bike ran really smooth with a new PCV
  • 2nd pop on rear valve cover
Again, after stopping for a water break, started, put it in gear tried to drive and my rear valve cover pops again.
I’ll be checking the radiator again for signs of oil, I didn’t notice any foaming or steam in the engine oil but I’ll be checking it closely as well.
How do I check this?
Any thoughts on what this could be?
Why the rear cover only?
I’ve tracked the bike occasionally. Thanks.
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