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Just had a busy weekend away on the 2, from Kent on Thursday up to near Birmingham for an overnight, left at 5am to ride through Wales to the Holyhead ferry to Dublin, Ireland, third country in less than 24 hours. It chucked it down all the way through Wales.

Met up with the VTR Firestorm guys and a few others, about 20 bikes in total.
Stayed at a place called Newcastle near Belfast, Northern Ireland--the fourth country.
Saturday aong ride out, started at 10 and we were back by 20.30 and abusing Guinness, like you do... Stayed dry, which was good.
Sunday we went out for a few hours but the rain started again so we were back in Quinns in Newcastle by 14.00.
Me and Alastair on his Firestorm left on Monday morning, caught the 13.50 ferry from Dublin, got to Holyhead just before 16.00 and rode back home in one hit, except fuel stops.

Didn't log mileage, but it was between 1300 and 1500 in five days, bike behaved well, apart from the seat catch bolt making a bolt for freedom, luckily I felt the cowl tap me on the back as it flew off and I could walk back for it.
The bolt and catch parts stayed in the seat so it was an easy fix.

Had my 62nd birthday on the Saturday so there were a few free drinks and necking a bottle of Merlot while on the dodgems being juvenile.

Got the cleaning to do later in the week, I don't want to look at it for now!

Three weeks until I'm off to north Scotland for another one.... Mileage us going up now, up to 31k miles.

I do like a little trip out.

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While on the Northern Ireland run I felt a tap on my back, I knew straight away that the seat cowl was making a bid for freedom...Walked back to pick it up, no damage. Even luckier, all the seat latch parts, spring and all, including the bolt that had fallen out, were sitting in the tail waiting for me to refit it, which I did.
I'm not having that happen again, so out with the old bolt and in with a nice Titanium replacement, drilled for lock wire.
The bloody lock wire weighs more that the saving by using Ti... sigh.

I'm vanning it up to Leeds from Kent before heading for the Scotland meet up with the VTR boys, 18 of us going on various bikes. I can live the van at my mate's place. TBH I got bored and saddle sore doing the commute mileage to the rideout, and after two long days riding, didn't feel as fresh as I would have liked, so for the next one the van will do the commute bit and I'll ride the enjoyable part.

New Dunlop Sportsmart 3 going on the front tomorrow; I'll get another run or two out of the Sportsmart 2 on the rear.

But while in Scotland I had a ride on my mate's 1100 Tuono- it's much more suited to the sort of riding I'm doing these days, and is so easy it's like cheating; so maybe a change is due....I'll think about it in the spring. I'll have had the SP2 for five years by then; maybe that's enough.


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Well, things change quickly....over the last two longish weekends away I thought long and hard over whether the SP2 was the right bike for the sort of trips I do.
I came to the conclusion it wasn't.
So I had a long test ride on a Touno Factory; they've got lots of toys and all the electronic safety net stuff, with electronic semi-automatic suspension, so no are messing with complicated and heavy Allen keys in your pocket- just press a button or two.

Long and short, I found one with an Akra titanium full system on with only 1k miles, sensible price, so bought it.

So in the (UK) spring, my 2 will have to go....I've had it four years next week, so I've had my fun, spent a fair bit on it, and put over 11,000 miles on it- it's time to give someone else a chance to enjoy one.

Which made me think.
My dear wife only made the funds available to buy the SP2 if I promised I woudn't do my usual endless modifications costing more than a mortgage.

I've done quite well (for me); the only mods are:
Full Titanium full system- Arrows 2:1 exhaust
PCV, mapped on dyno to suit pipe and air filter, 135 bhp
Sigma slipper clutch with Kevlar Barnett friction plates
K+N air filters
Flapper mod, Pair removal (no error lights)
Rear shock rebuilt and reshimmed by HR Racing, Edenbridge
Front Forks springs and set up by K-Tech
Gear indicator
Lithium battery
Domino throttle, with three cams
Brembo 19/20 brake MC,
Braided lines throughout
Brembo SC pads both ends
15/41 sprockets,
Speedo healer (reads accurately)
Dynojet quick shifter
LED indicators
Radial clutch MC, Titax lever
Harris rearsets
Harris fuel filler
Harris fairing stay
Harris steering stem nut
Carbon chain guard
Carbon heel guards
Dream Machine paint job, Colin Edwards starts ’n’ stripes Laguna Seca replica, with Dream Machine certificate
Lots of T1 bolts and fittings
Weight reduced to 200KG

So not much, compared to my normal compulsive fiddling. I must be getting old.....
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