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Hi, new to the site
Just wanted to through this out there
trying to come up with weight reducing ideas
at the least it might be good conversation
but also could be insightful on performance
looking for some feedback and wanted to introduce myself


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Welcome to the site!

I'm guessing it's weight loss for the bike. :)
Here's are some of my ideas for weight loss. This is a wish list with no budget in mind.
1. BST carbon-fiber wheels
2. Kevlar fuel tank.
3. Magnesium or carbon-fiber subframe, or one-piece C-F subframe/rear cowl assy.
4. Titanium or Inconel full exhaust system.
5. Magnesium triple-clamps (both).
6. Magesium brake caliper brackets.
7. Magnesium or carbon-fiber rearsets.
8. Carbon-fiber airbox and snorkle.
9. Ceramic-Matrix-Composite (CMC) brake rotors (front and rear).
10. Fasteners replaced with either titanium or 7075-T6 aluminum (depending on stress area).
11. Carbon-fiber frame.
How many pounds lost? I'm guessing at least 50 just from the tank, wheels, exhaust, and airbox. Everything else may add the total maybe to 60.
So you might drop the bikes weight into the 390-ish range.
But doing so will cost thousands.
The tank, wheels, and exhaust will be around $6500-7000 alone.
A carbon-fiber frame will run about $15K at least.

But it's fun to dream big!! :)
After all, I get a lot of ideas just by gazing at a Britten V1000.
Now that is a work of art that is still so far ahead of it's time..

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Come on Sub lets think reality here. :D

1. Carbon airbox
2. Remove the entire flapper assembly
3. Switch from a 2:2 to 2:1 exhaust
4. Wheels if you can afford them.
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