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I have my friends 02 in my garage. We're correcting years of neglect. So far...
Fork seals and bushings
Nitron rear shock
Flush all fluids, replace all filters
Replace Plugs
Remove SAS and Smog (it's a CA model)
New seat foam and cover
Exhaust can repaired, new rivets
Front fairing support being painted black (pending)
Started fitting the replacement fairings. These were customer ordered as the owner wants to remove the silver from the bike. The logos were changed from silver to white. The silver part of the tank is going to get wrapped in color matching red. Still a work in progress but it's looking good.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Shoe Automotive design Wood Rectangle Eyewear

Motor vehicle Automotive design Font Bag Automotive exterior

Cap Sleeve T-shirt Sportswear Bag

Bag Sleeve Luggage and bags Sportswear Hood


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checked the wheel alignment today, cut a piece of wood the same width as rear tyre and placed it on the front tyre with a string loop front to rear, centred the front rim and steering with a tape measure from the string

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Plant Wood

chain adjusters to straighten things up

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Plant Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tread

left and right measurements taken from adjuster blocks to swingarms end after aligning, pretty spot on

Calipers Finger Measuring instrument Gadget Material property

Finger Communication Device Bumper Cameras & optics Audio equipment

swingarm marks pretty good welll,it is a honda

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Rim

Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Gas Automotive exterior


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All complete........until the next adventure.

The dark shadowing is done by a black Thermochromic layer that "shadows" the graphics below 86 degrees F. The last picture is outside just warming up. This is where the Thermochromic layer goes transparent and you can see the graphics and carbon more clearly. Its not a great picture due to reflections and solvents still flashing off from what seems like 5000 coats of clear but hey, she runs well for 20 yrs old.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank


4081 - 4100 of 4124 Posts