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Hey what's up everyone; I recently bought a 2003 RC and i can safely say i love this bike lol
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cool...I also bought a 2000 Rc51...welcome to the forum gobi41...
I have a 03 also. Welcome to the board. Have fun!
I bought a 03 RC during the summer and by far the best bike for the buck!!
Beautiful, Sub. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Come on bro, hit us up with a pic of yours. :)
I'm trying to figure out how to shrink some digital pics of me "recreating" in Nov. Too large to download...I've tried.
Downsize it to 1024x768. That should work. It's what mine is above.
Or open an account on photobucket.com and upload to it. It will auto-downsize to 1024x768 and save it.
Then you can attach the link within the IMG tags also like above.
Nice bike. Which track is it?
So yours is track only. How long have you had an expert plate?
What suspension work have you done?
Sorry for not getting back sooner. Work over the Holidays is usually crazy, and this year was no exception. The pics are at Little Talladega Gran Prix, outside of B'ham, Al. I would love to tell you it's an expert tag but in reality it's an STT Novice sticker (yellow "N" not an "A" for the Advanced riders). I purchased the bike in June '08 from the owner of the local Honda dealership for a steal. He had it on the track exclusively, so I started doing Track Days last summer along with racing schools (Keith Code twice and Ed Bargy once). I would rather ride on the track than the street ANYTIME, despite the gap in available sessions. I am HOOKED. The bike really sweet, especially considering the thousands that were put into it...At wholesale, considering James' (the dealer) ability to buy at cost. Just off the top of my head:

Alth Wave rotors
Brembo master cylinder
Votrex clip ons
Dan Kyle reworked front forks
XT Racing lap timer
Sharkskins race plastics
Gilley's rear sets
Vortex 520 rear sprocket
DID chain
Scots steering damper
Ohlins rear shock
Yoyodine slipper clutch
1/4 turn throttle
CRG clutch lever (the brake was replaced with the Brembo master cylinder
Power Commander
Quick shifter ingition module
Quick Shifter
Gilley's GP chain adjuster (worth EVERY penny)
Michelin Power Race slicks
braided brake lines
Akrapovic full Ti exhaust
ChickenHawk Racing tire warmers
Pit Bull front/rear stands (no kickstand)
VP U 4.2 Racing fuel( mixed 50/50 with 93 octane pump)

That's all I can think of...
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Nice package there.
What's your body weight and suspension setup (preload and damper settings)?

My '02 current has got:
Marchesini 10-spoke forged AL wheels
Akrapovic full race exhaust
Kyle Racing reworked forks and Ohlins 3-way shock
Kyle Racing rear link
Galfer wave rotors front and rear (I was going with BrakeTech Axis Cobra front rotors, but they had manufacturing issues that delayed production by over a month)
Braided brake lines front and rear.
Durrani Racing adjustable magnesium clip-ons
CRG shorty brake and clutch levers
Power Commander PCIIIr
Scotts rotary steering damper
Sato titanium exhaust hangers
Titanium bolts eveywhere

Currently I still have the stock footpegs, but will replace them as soon as possbile. After the rebuild, I needed a few paychecks for the holidays.
As time goes on I'll probably be adding a few other parts.
For the future I really have my eye on a kevlar fuel tank and maybe some magnesium pieces.
I'm trying to drop her weight as low as economically feasible.
She's my toy.
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nice bike set up guys...
mine :
Scorpion steel race slip on
HRC fast trottle
Rear spool
Full set of race fairing(comes with that when bought the bike)

FUTURE gadget:
PC3(wz sato mapping)

Guys, nd to asked something..what is the best set sprocket for track used...16/43 or 15/41 or 42

what is the purpose of the quick shifter ignition module??

yup, the RC nd to be on diet...
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The gearing will depend on the track you're riding. For Barber I'm running a 15/44 set-up. Didn't feel the need to change it for the "last hoorah" ride of '08 at Talley. The ignition Module allows for a greater degree of timing adjustments. You can adjust the retard/advance of the ignition curve of each cylinder to match RMP's. Also, at that time it was a requirement of Dyno Jet to have on board before being able to use the Quick Shifter, which frankly, I haven't gotten used to using! After 30+ years of riding it's hard to remember to NOT use the clutch when up-shifting! Besides, I'm just now getting use to the race shift gear pattern (down is up-shifting and up is down-shifting, opposite of what most use on the street)! First things first!!!
With gear I'm tipping the scales at +/-220. The folks at SuperBike Suspension (www.superbikeitalia.com) tuned the front and rear for me (with me in full gear, on the bike) at Barber back in Sept. I've got the particulars written down and in my file cabinet. Give me a bit to find them and I'll let you know. I will tell you that whatever they are set to the bike is riding and handling MUCH better than before the tune-up. The difference in the corners is VERY noticeable. My corner entry speed is up dramatically as well as speed while in the corners. All of this has greatly increased my confidence and consequently I'm riding faster than before the set-up was done. I can only comment from my experience. Having an up-graded suspension (Ohlins, D. Kyle, Penske, Elka, etc.) is good. Having the up-grades set-up for you, your bike and your riding style/application...PRICELESS!!! (LOL, but true!)
Great, I'm within about 15 to 20 lbs. of your weight.
I currently weight around 237.
Since we've both got the same suspension, I can examine your figures and compare.
Since mine lives on the streets (except for that rare track day), it will be setup a bit more compliant than a track setup.
As for the gearing question, mine's currently at 15/41, which is a good overall setup for most occasions.
I know we talked about this before. What about the wheels issue. I checked with Durrani recently only to find they added $300 to the cost of their Magnesium wheels. They're now going for $1598 plus $78 shipping. NOT that it's a bad deal for what they're offering, but now the price is in the ball park with Carrozzeri or Marchesini's forged aluminum wheels. I've ruled out Dymag strictly on the basis of looks (too much like the OE wheels for my taste). Your thoughts?
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