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Where is everyone at???

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I was wondering if this is a new site or not?

I would think that this place would be jump'in with RC chatter.:confused:
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I was amazed too, this site is VERY QUIET, yep the TL is a neat bike, looked at them a while back too. The place where the RC really shines is it's suspension, I'm amazed at the handling, even on the rough irregular pavement I experience, the bike never gets unsettled!

This is a relatively new site. Go spread the word and tell some fellow riders about us!
This is without a doubt the most critical post I've made, but I'll go forward anyway. I don't mind stating this for the record. I started with this forum at the same time I started on the Rouge 51 forum. Yes, there is a lot more activity on that site. That's a fact. HOWEVER, the big reason I dropped them and participate here is really simple: I got tired of all the off-topic posting, the sniping and the "I know more than you" attitude that is rampant there. The last straw for me was when some guy started a thread and sent in pics of his AR-15 (assault rifle) knock-off starting a feeding frenzy of comments and responses. I have nothing against guns, hunting or the shooting sports, but they're supposed to be a motorcycle (specifically the RC51) forum, NOT a shooting forum. Even though I have not checked, I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck that there are plenty of hunting/shooting forums out there. I'm inclined to think those would be better places to discuss firearms.

I am here to talk about bikes, and more specifically, Honda RC51's. I want to be able to ask questions and post comments without feeling belittled simply because I don't have all the answers. I want to be able to ask in order gain information WITHOUT getting a smart-ass response. Hey, if I knew the answer, I WOULDN'T HAVE ASKED THE QUESTION IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! And lastly, I got tired of every other poster having the "my stones are bigger than your stones" attitude. I don't think these are unreasonable requests.

As far as I'm concerned, (not that they care) I will not spend another dime with that forum. I will not recommend them (I CAN and I WILL recommend the RC51 Forums.) And I will take opportunities such as this to voice my dissatisfaction with the combative and disrespectful way they allow their members to behave. Theirs is the "professional wrestling" version of public forums. Full of loudmouth bluster with very little substance other than theatrics.

RC51 Forums is a class act that frankly, I'm proud to be associated with. I have NEVER been criticized or talked down to for asking an "obvious" question on this forum. EVER. I have asked questions and gotten good feedback, without the "what kind of question is that?" attitude. When I post a response it never comes from the position of the know-it-all. I know that I don't know it all. In part that's why I'm here and why I'm going to stay. When I respond to a question it's based on my personal experience minus the attitude, which is neither necessary nor warranted. We are all in the position to learn more from each other, and forums like this are a great part of that education. The main reason I'm here is to connect with other RC owners and exchange information and experiences. I have ALWAYS felt that this forum is about adults talking to adults, with respect.

By you actively participating on this forum and telling your friends to participate we will increase the traffic, the members and the flow of information. This forum welcomes new members with new ideas. From what I've seen, it doesn't do too well with attitudes, which is just fine with me. To paraphrase the old saying: Come on in. The water here is just fine...
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Well stated Pisano, I think the folks here are truly nice people. There are a lot of people here with different views of what they do with their bike, and how they run it, but everyone is very tolerant here of each other. And I agree totally
with what you are saying. I don't join forums for pissing matches, I come to learn, and share information. The more people that join, the forum will blossom.
I've been active with Honda CBX people now for 11 years, and I see the RC51 going the same path, a cult-like following with plenty of info and support, it will happen just give it time.

John, you and others like you are the reason I thoroughly enjoy this forum. THANKS MUCH for your involvement and "two cents." It is appreciated...Eddie
Guys the comments are great, and I agree with every one of them. Ive known a lot of bike forums to be more about non bike-related topics than the counterpart, and that is what sets this place apart and is the reason I like this forum so much.

Regrettably, as forums grow and more members come in, opinion clashes and useless banter are inevitable, but Im going to do everything I can to keep it to a minimum. Going forward, if there are any ideas or thoughts that could help this site grow and get better, please, and I mean PLEASE, let me know. Stew (admin) is an awesome guy that wants to do no other than make this place into the best it can be. All your help and info are much appreciated, and I cant thank you guys enough!!!

I agree also. I'm punching myself cause I paid $20 to be a member and then had all the guys running sato's bash me cause I got d&d's on my bike. Sure they're loud but with the right map my bike runs a hell of alot better.
It's examples like this (and I'm sure many more can be stated) that make me glad to be Here rather than there...
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