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Winter project completed

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The 51 has been down since the end of December. Thought I would take some time to do a few things to her. The list is as follows:

-stock rearsets black
-front and rear caliper mounts red and calipers black
-radiator screens black (really sets it off)
-stock levers black

Bike mods
-Goodridge steel braided lines front and rear
-Galfer rear wave rotor
-Exhaust wrap headers
-15/42 520 conversion
-New Barnett clutch with hyper plates
-New spark plugs & air filters
-Flushed radiators & filled with fresh coolant
-Changed oil
-Removed pair system
-Removed whole flapper assembly
-Installed new rear Ohlins shock
-New seat (mine had a tear in it)
-New grips

She runs like a bat outta hell. Feels like a completely different bike. I'm gonna have to play around with the pc3 now cause I had her dialed in perfect before but now after removing the pair I'm getting alot of decel popping. I new it was gonna happen so no big deal. Next up will be experimenting with the exhaust. I'm gonna run a Jardine 2:1 into a custom GP can made by a guy who just joined here(mrgrn). And start working on the body. I have a front fairing that is just downright pitiful. After that I should be done for a while.

Just wanted to let you guys know what I was up to.
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sounds good man

don't buy from Mrgrn he is a doosh LOL
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