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previous owner has wiring all messed up and i am now looking to find a complete wiring harness for an 03 i found an 06 wiring harness but im not sure if it will fit my bike its on ebay so any help that i can get quick would be awesome

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Not sure which harness you are referring to.
They have two main harnesses (front and rear) and two sub-harnesses.
One to the injectors, and the other to the speedo, turn signals, and MAP sensor.

The '02 and '03 front and rear harnesses are the same.
The '03 front is the same as the '06 front.

The '06 rear is a different part number than the '03.
What difference there is, I'm not sure.
Since the '02 through '06 are pretty much the same bike, I'm betting there's not much difference between the two.
The wiring harnesses have labels on them with part numbers.

The '03 and '06 front wiring harness numbers are:
32100-MCF-A20 or L20.
The '03 rear harness is:
32101-MCF-A20 or L20
The '06 rear harness is:
32101-MCF-A40 or L40
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