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Won't run 2001 RC51

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So I have a 2001 RC51 that won't run. Ordered a new ecu from a salvage yard. Tested the coils. Kick stand switch, oil pressure switch, neutral switch, etc.. all good. I can't get spark. Maybe a crank trigger, or the computer I have just got is bad too?
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2 bad computers? No way

When you flip the kill switch to on is your fuel pump priming?

Check your fuel cutoff and bank angle relays in the back. There will be one on each side of the bike strapped to the subframe underneith the seat cowl.
I will check. The fuel tank pump was replaced when I got it. I gess this bike has been through 3 owners who got sick of trying to figure it out. I just want to fix it and have fn at the track!
Ok I hooked up the fuel tank, and switched the 2 relays. Fuel pump primed. I switched them back and it still worked fine. I have 0 voltage going to the coils. I need spark. Wish I had a schematic.
Do you have a service manual? I think it tells you how to test that stuff.

If not let me know and I can email it to you.
No and yes please!!!!!!!!! lol
let me think about it ???
just jerkin with ya

pm me your email address and I'll send it right over
Ok well I got tired of waiting, and got the book. Jumped the plug to get the trouble shoot codes. 2,3,4,5,8,9..... The throttle positioning sensor, and TI are the 2 codes that are the major ones. Followed the book down to the harness computer factory trouble shooting harness needs. Everything checks out fine to the ECU. So I tried to follow the trigger wires off the cam and the crank. Not getting any signal from the ECO. Not getting signal to the coils. Swapped out ECU, and Converter unit. Still nothing. So any guesses? I tried bypassing the neutral safety, clutch switch, kick stand switch, nothing! The Angle relays are all good, and working. I get no ignition!!! GRRRRRR The fuel pump is priming.
just a quickie but have you checked the start stop switch n make sure when in the run pos> it switches the ecu power to 12v? look in your wiring diagram and find the hot wire going to the ecu that comes of the run stop switch n check it with a meter ti make sure that in fact it does power the ecu when turned to run also do the same with the ignition switch< if you got no fire you need to follow the path of electricity from its source to designation, keep this in mind and it will help to not over complicate things. by this i mean the power starts at the battery make sure you hav correct voltage if good, then where does the voltage go to next? is it there? if so where does it go to next? and so on till you find where it doesnt go. yes there are shirt cuts but if not familiar with this type of work and i mean on a daily basis then this is the best way to go about it.
Tonight I traced every wire from the ECU, and the converter. All grounds and signals good. All bank relays good. Cam ignition good. The crank ignition didn't seen right? I'm picking one up tomorrow. I unhooked the plug from the ECU and check the yellow wire for ignition, and the .07 wasn't there. I took every reading from every ignition source, and or safety switch,good.
I received information today the guy that had it was hit from the rear, and dropped the bike on the right side. Since then the bike hasn't run. So now I'm at the point of buying parts to get the damn thing to work. I hate buying parts without concrete evidence of the source of the problem. Hopefully the crank trigger will work.
man sometimes on electrical you cannot have concrete evidence. just take your time, if you get frustrated walk away and come back later or the next day, the problem will work itself out if you stay devoted. you have already siad but is the angle sensor reading correctly? i will check the service manual tomarrow and see what i can find.
The bike was hit from behind and dropped and it hasn't ran since.

Are you sure the bank-angle sensor isn't jacked up?
I have power in and out.... I switched relays around, and nothing... Wish I had a couple of bank relays setting around to try.
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