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I recently damaged by clutch cover:( and am really interested in getting anything other than stock.

Practically no one makes a cover for this (I have seen rc51parts.com's cover, not bad, I just don't like the look as much)

HOWEVER, the possibly cool option: I email Woodcraft to see if the have/will make one. Their response was

"I'm sorry, but we never made one for that model. Due to the significant amount of time it takes to model and produce a cover, we need to make about 50 to get to a break even point.....which I think would be tough on a bike like an RC51."

I can't help but feel that if we get 50+ people to try and place an order, we could probably get ourselves some super-sweet, super-limited covers. If anyone's interested, PM me and maybe we can really make this happen! :D
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