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2002 VTR1000SP2
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Just a general question with regards to the forums... are there, in fact, any moderators/admins at all here? Reason for asking is that I made the "mistake" of editing one of my posts again today. I made the same mistake the first day I joined:

That one is still waiting for approval. I waited 2 days... nothing changed, my introductory post lost in limbo somewhere. As my bike was about to arrive, in need of accessing the accumulated knowledge of the members of this forum, I decided to start posting. As I suspected, the forum members here have been very helpful and forthcoming with the information that a new RC51 owner would need, and all was right with the world.

Until just now, when I made the cardinal sin of once again, editing a post...

Which now joins its older brother... somewhere in an approval queue.

So what's the deal? Are there any admins/moderators on this forum? If I purchase a premium membership, does that get me around this editing limitation? Seriously, I need to know. As I stated in the now invisible post, I am going to have a lot of questions going forward. Most I suspect I will be able to answer for myself with the forum search tools, but there will be some that will need to be posed to the forum membership. I mean, that is what these forums are for correct?
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