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Xenon Projector...complete package

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FX45 Bi-Xenon projector mounted in the right side headlight housing. Factory Honda mounts were used so you have complete adjustability (left/right and up/down). A chrome bezel inside the housing was also used to dress up the look a bit.

Brand new philips D2R 4300 bulb included as well as Matsushita oem infinity ballast. H7 connector is wired to the ballast so you can literally plug this right into the factory harness and you will be good to go.

Also included is a carbon Left side headlight filler (made by mrgrn)

If you want to use the high beam capabilities you will need to wire in a relay between the stock harness and the hi beam solenoid. (Or you can buy a harness with relays online for $25)

The only bad is that the bottom mount on the headlight housing was broken, however it has been repaired with plastic weld and is stronger then new.

$200 shipped to the lower 48


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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